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Multiple Intelligence & Higher Order Thinking Skills Inspiration – ability to think and solve problems

Strengthen your child's ability to think and solve problems
Be a Thinker. Be a Problem Solver.

Parents who are concerned about their children’s growth and development, most want to see children:

  • Enthusiasm for learning, self-learning, self-improvement at all times;
  • Meet the problem, can think of ways, try to solve;
  • Have more patience, do not give up easily ......

5 major benefits for children to participate in this training class for a long time :

  • Get ridof the bad habit of “ waiting for the answer ” and establish a good habit of activelyfindinganswers.
  • Facing difficult things, prefer to stick to more and try more
  • Start meeting. If yousay " possible " to " impossible " , you will use yourmindto think of it .
  • Don't fear the problem, have more direction and method to deal with the problem.
  • More love to explore new things and make new attempts.
1st, observation ability & concentration

Observation & Concentration

3rd, creative ability (creative creative thinking)


2nd, analysis and understanding

Analytical Skill

4th, evaluation, judgment

Evaluation Skill

Higher Order Thinking Skills





Putting things together,Creative Thinking



Breaking things down, Critical Thinking



Use knowledge in new situation








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Mathematics Educator - Teacher Teoh Poh Yew

[High Thinking Creative Mathematics]
Thinking training class

This training course was developed by the international senior teacher and mathematics educator Zhang Baoyou. In response to the efforts of KBAT in the KSSR curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Zhang Baoyou has developed this creative teaching combined with magical mathematics with the teaching experience of the past 30 years, effectively helping children to develop high-level thinking skills step by step.